Thursday, April 7, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas...

Another beautiful snow storm - Yuchh.  Here is my Egyptian Onions covered with snow - they don't mind the snow - tough little onions!

 Here are some of my garlic - they are also tough little guys!  Mmm mmm mmm - fresh garlic!

And here are some of our Daffodils - poor little things.  No more snow please.  We want spring now!!

Get your hands dirty!!


  1. Sending warm thoughts your way! Surely this has to be the last one, right??

  2. This spring has been snowy! I'm hoping for warm weather soon.

  3. Oh you are kidding..that is evil...I expect that here sometimes but looking at it is so has got to shift soon...

  4. Hi Matt, It makes me wonder why on earth I go on about gardening in a cool climate. I think I am right in saying when Summer arrives in your part of the world it really does make a statement. Well anyway I hope you see Spring very soon.

  5. Ouch! Daffodils should be OK... Mine survived some snow and hail.


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