Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Cure for the Doldrums

The overcast and snowy days of winter can cause many people to suffer from the doldrums.  Even depression can set in when you go days, weeks - even months without the sun. 

There is a solution...

Many of our favorite spring and summer nurseries are still up and running in the middle of the winter and have gone the extra mile to become a botanical getaway... 

You can feel the dew dancing in the air, smell the bouquet of fresh earth infused with the scent of fresh flowers - nature's perfume, add to this the tranquil atmosphere, and nothing is better for the soul than a trip to the nursery. 

One such retreat is Cactus & Tropicals in Salt Lake City, Utah.  They are very welcoming and have just the right medicine for conquering the winter blues.

They offer many items that cannot be found elsewhere and their staff is always pleasant and helpful.

Cactus & Tropicals has such a beautiful greenhouse and nursery that they also offer services for weddings, receptions and other special occasions. 

Next time you are in Salt Lake stop in and have a look - they have treasures in every price range.  And if you're not near Salt Lake take a look around your own neighborhood - chances are you can find a winter getaway with some of your favorite summer friends.

Get your hands dirty!

Visit Cactus & Tropicals online for the cyber experience or stop by in person -
2735 South 2000 East, SLC, UT Ph.:801-485-2542.


  1. I enjoyed the tour of Cactus and Tropicals. They have some cool stuff.

  2. Everyone should have a bunny in a jar. I don't believe in Raleigh we have a nursery quite that beautiful.

  3. I'm sure the treatment is effective, the cure immediate.

  4. It really is a fun place with a lot of really neat stuff you just don't find anywhere else. I love these kind of nurseries and when I find them I like to share.

  5. That first photo took my breath away! Beautiful!!!

  6. What a great nursery. We have a few like that in Atlanta and I love to visit them. The problem is I want to buy everything! Thanks for sharing your visit.

  7. That looks like a beautiful spot to spend a couple of hours and too much money! Thanks for the tour!

  8. The doldrums, I love it, so that's what it is, I knew I wasn't just a moody little sod, have to tell the wife.The doldrums of course is the area in the equator where a strange calm exists, I can here you,bit of a smart ass.Well any way I thought you were about to tell us about those light bulbs which are said to be beneficial to sufferers of S,A.D.No, you showed us a beautiful garden centre, good idea, I am off to visit ours.

  9. The first picture is beautiful! Now I'm going on a quest to look for something half as nice as that around here. I do hate seeing snow so many days in a row!

  10. Alistair-
    You are right on the money! A strange calm - or dead in the water... Kind of the way I feel after so many overcast days! I am a bit of a moody little sod as well...
    Happy gardening!


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