Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Growing Insole

My mother's favorite thing was shoes. She was a sweet, kind woman who never complained and really never asked for anything. But when she had the opportunity - she loved new shoes. My father on the other hand did not really care for shoes all that much, but was a die-hard gardener. Put them together and you get a wonderfully whimsical shoe planter!

Garden Walk Garden Talk had a fun photo of a shoe planted with sempervivums...
All of Donna's pictures are beautiful.  This one adds a touch of whimsy! her last post In the Greenhouse with GWGT

There is another blog called Shoe Planter Crafts that is dedicated to gardeners on a budget - what fun!

How to Make Shoe Planters from Children's Shoes

Blackberry Creek Home Arts has some wonderful pictures of unusual planters...

Including this boot bragging these beautiful pansies.

So, next time you are about to recycle those Reeboks or shed your Skechers - just remember, they could provide a humorous habitation for some grateful greenery.  (It gives a whole new meaning to Nunn Bush!)

Get your hands dirty!


  1. Thank you so much for the shout out, Matt. You put together a really cute and unique post. So many gardeners must like planting shoes! I will have to tell my friend who made the shoe planter that her shoe is now famous and in the company of some really inventive footwear.

  2. GWGT - It is always a joy to read your posts and see your beautiful pictures. Your shoe picture was my inspiration for the post - so thank you! Also, I saw that I mixed your name up in the post and have since corrected it - sorry. And now, I am going to plant an old pair of rubber clogs with some sempervivums!
    Happy Gardening!!

  3. Matt, I have seen shoe planters before but didn't realize there was such a following. I especially like the high heel shoe---very elegant. Carolyn

  4. Matt, I wonder how the leather breaks down as a planter? I like the shoes like the little Mary Janes from GWGT and the high heel is elegant. I think rubber boots would be fun.

  5. Lifeshighway-
    I think the leather would eventually break down... but if you're going to be throwing them away anyway might as well put them t use!
    I'm glad you enjoyed the post!

  6. Matt, more proof that we chuck out too much. Great pictures again, you are a true environmentalist, the real thing.

  7. Great idea! I especially love the heel ;)


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