Thursday, November 11, 2010

I Came, I Mowed, I Kicked Grass

I did the final mowing for the season.  Actually, my daughter did the final mowing - isn't she sweet.

We mow our grass high all year to give it the best chance to compete with weeds.  But the last mow of the year we mow it quite a bit shorter.  We always catch the grass on the last mow so we don't have any thatch or mildew problems in the spring.

We rake up all of the leaves and any debris left on the lawn and wish it a happy winter.

Here comes the snow!

Get your hands dirty!


  1. One more Fall task to check off the list. Great job!

  2. Love those photos of the grass! We don't get much snow here and so we've overseeded with rye. There is likely more mowing ahead for us!

  3. Wow. A break from mowing. That's something we never get - one advantage of snow I'd never thought of.


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