Monday, September 6, 2010

Havesting Oregano

I harvested some Oregano this morning to dehydrate so we can have our Italian Seasoning this winter.
I grow most of my herbs in the garden and in pots with my other ornamentals.  That way if something doesn't work in one place it will usually work in the other.

I use Joyce Chen scissors that I found at a garden center a while back to do all of my basic pruning.  They are great - and they have a lifetime warranty!

Now, off to the dehydrator!

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  1. I love growing the herbs I use in my garden. I know how they have been grown and when I dry them my whole house smells like Basil, Oregano or Rosemary depending on what I'm drying at the time. And when you grow and dry your own it saves you ALOT of money ( herbs are expensive).


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