Monday, September 6, 2010

First Frost Date - Already?

Well, this morning there was frost on the grass and the thermometer in the garden read 27 degrees.  Very early for our area.  I had no warning and did not see this one coming.  There was frost on the cucumbers and they probably won't make it.  I didn't see anything else that looked too bad, but we will see. Anyone else out there get surprised by an early frost?  Let me know.


  1. Yikes! I haven't picked my green tomatoes yet. Is it too late now?

  2. Don't panic - it's probably going to be just fine. Go out in the garden today and see what has been affected. The tomatoes will be kind of curled up and turned black if they have been killed. I doubt that has happened. We should be ok for a while now - but watch for clear days, and keep an eye on the forecast. I put old sheets over my tender plants when I see we are going to have a frost - it iwll save them for a while longer.
    I don't know what region you are in but here in zone 5 we are usually not getting killing frosts until the end of this month to the middle of next month.
    Thanks for commenting! Happy gardening!

  3. No frost here that I noticed. That's too bad for your nice garden:(

  4. We garden in a little farm town west of Ogden called Taylor. This is the earliest we have ever had a killing frost. I know a few people in Hooper who had the same problem this year. I also looked at the USU Extension website and this year was a week earlier than the record.
    Thanks for the comment!
    (BTW - I love the Timpanogos area - beautiful!)

  5. I was broken-hearted when the unexpected frost came - I am in your area, you know. :) I lost my cucumbers, too, but everything else seemed to survive. It was particularly sad to have an early frost in Northern Utah since we had such a late start to the growing season this year! Maybe next year will be better!


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