Monday, September 13, 2010

Dried Oregano

Here is the Oregano we cut to dry on the dehydrator.  The dehydrating can be done in an oven or even a microwave, but if you can afford it this is definitely the way to go!

Here it is after it has been dried.  We dry it stem and all and then pull the leaves off to store it.  I used to crush it all now and put it in the container, but I read that if you wait to crush it until you need it you will get better flavor.

And, here it is in the airtight container that we store it in.  Often we will keep old spice containers to put spices in, but this time we didn't have one so we used a small Tupperware type.

That's about it for dehydrating - we'll be doing our Rosemary soon. 

Happy gardening - Get those hands dirty!!

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  1. Where did you get your dehydrator? How long does it take to dehydrate your oregano?

    I used to grow tons of oregano as a teenager while I was growing up in Michigan. My plants were gigantic! The ground is so fertile in MI, so everything grows to monstrous sizes - it was awesome. I had so much of that wonderful, yummy herb! I haven't tried to grow any yet in the state of Utah where I live now.

    As a kid, I just dried my oregano and other herbs on paper towels and that worked, but I'm sure your dehydrator is much handier. Anyway, planting, drying and storing your own herbs is a lot of fun, is easy, and is rewarding. (Sorry for the long comment! :P)


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