Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Man Without Zucchini is a Man Without a Friend

Well, it's that time of year again, The Invasion of the Zucchinis!  When nefarious neighbors leave you a little gift on your front porch at midnight; when the front counter at the office suddenly has a box labelled "Free - Please Take Some".  There is no shortage of friends who want to give you some of their Zucchini.

It kind of makes you wonder why people continue to grow it when it is so readily available.  So, I Googled - "Why grow Zucchini?".  I found plenty of sights on How to grow zucchini, not a lot on Why.  I think it comes down to the gardener in all of us - we grow things just so we can see what they do.  I grew 8-ball zucchini a few years ago - because they were different.  And do you know what?  They were different.  Who knew.

Now, I don't want to come across as and anti-zucchinite - some of my best meals have been Zucchinis!  In fact the Zucchini is a very versatle veggie.  It can even be frozen for use in those wintery months when the only gardening you can do is read about it on some crazy gardener's blog.  (If you blog about gardening are you a Blogging Gardener or a Gardening Blogger?)  To make a long story short - too late; You need to shred the zucchini if you want to store it for later use - freezing it whole just leaves you with some squishy, non-useable muck (Even my chickens don't like it).

So, get freezing, or eating, or baking, or steaming that wonderful zucchini!  Or, make those midnight trips to your neighbors front porch with your garden gift - no need for a card.

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  1. Zucchini is really a wonderful plant. There are nearly as many things to do with it as the number of them that grow per plant. You can add a couple of apples to a bunch of grated zucchini and make zapplesauce - tastes like applesauce and can be used any where you use applesauce. It can be added to nearly any kind of baked goods in place of some of the moisture and will add extra vitamins too. So I say just enjoy it while we have it fresh!! And thanks for the neat blog, Matt!!!


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